Jackdaw's Careening Camp

What is careening?
Pirates rarely made camp but when they did it was more likely for careening. Over time, a ship would acquire barnacles and other marine life on its underside. As you might imagine this would build a rocky, rough surface causing the ship's speed to suffer.
When a ship became slower from the drag of all the sea life on its underside, the crew would beach the ship at high tide and tilt it on its side via ropes, blocks and tackle connected to anchoring points like trees.
Once the underside of the hull is exposed knives, axes and shovels were used to remove all of the sea life affixed to the wood planking. Repairs were also made during this time if there were any leaks. This was a very dangerous job due to the extreme weight of a ship that wanted to roll back onto its bottom.
Jackdaw's Landing LLC provides a careening camp at certain events along with multiple different activities including but not limited to, kid's activities, games, historical teachings and black powder demonstrations. Message us at jcc@jackdawslanding.net