Small Privateer's Pistol Holster

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Privateers were learned men carrying letters of marque allowing them to plunder the enemy or anyone in league with the enemy. Usually well carried men, they preferred well made and functional devices for their everyday garb. Handmade from genuine leather*, this holster provides a built in peace tie with quick snap and a belt pass through loop that accommodates up to a 2 inch belt. It can be purchased as left hand (shown) or right hand configurations but can be mounted on any side of your body. Left or right pistols do fit regardless of what hand holster you purchase. It can be made in black or brown (shown)

For cross draw: If you want to draw a pistol with your right hand from your left side, purchase a right handed holster. If you want to draw a pistol with your left hand from you right side, purchase a left handed holster.

For same side draw: If you want to draw with your right hand from your right side, purchase a right handed holster and vice versa.
The general rule with this holster is this: Whatever hand you intend to draw with, purchase that hand holster.

*All leather goods are hand made from genuine leather therefore, each piece will have its own character and may not match EXACTLY as it is in the photo. Because these items are made from new leather they are stiff. Upon receiving your item, work the leather with your hands, insert, twist back and forth, and remove your pistol to loosen it up. Another good tactic is to insert your pistol all the way into the item and let it sit in the sunlight in the window sill as the heat will help loosen it up.*